Case Studies

Dental care throughout the ages

Our dental issues transition, as we get older. At our youth, we used to worry about brushing our teeth properly and flossing to avoid cavities just like our dentist and parents warned us if we didn’t. As seniors or elders the problems differ, gums get the spotlight, cavities still are considered a problem but not as severe and issues related to dentures, bridges, and tooth wear down appear. Physiologically, the gums recede and increase the risk of root [...]

Celiac Disease and Oral Symptoms

Sensitivity to gluten is one of those diseases which have caught the attention of the public until quite recently. For many years it went under the radar since it was unusual to think that your daily bread could be causing you fatigue, depression or anxiety, osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis and even miscarriages. Our modern diet practically has gluten in every processed food we consume and it is also present in vitamins, creams and even lip-balms. Celiac disease is a [...]

DNA Studies on Bacteria

DNA Studies on Bacteria Provide Interesting Data about Our Ancestor’s Oral Health. Professor Alan Cooper and Dr Laura Weyrich appeared on the ABC show Catalyst a couple of months ago and they presented a unique way of seeing bacteria. According to Professor Cooper, “90% of the cells that you’re walking around with right now aren’t yours – they’re actually bacteria. You’re only about 10%. So, it’s probably a better way of describing it as you being their human rather than them [...]

Stem Cell Research and the Future of Dentistry

Imagine going to the dentist and being able to choose a procedure that will allow you to regenerate the pulp of your teeth. Or what about loosing your teeth only to have them replaced by a new, “real” teeth that were made with your own cells? This is no longer fiction, and right now scientists are working round the clock to take research to the next level. As you might already know, stem cells have been used for a wide variety [...]

Your Teeth as a Tool for Investigation

The information in this article may remind you of many detective series on TV, nowadays even the most challenging detective work can be solved, thanks to the unique information stored in your teeth. Surely you have read detective novels and were mesmerized at how our nails and hair can provide information necessary to solve a crime. Teeth are valuable tools too, especially because of their unique composition. Forensic dentistry has become a very important and valuable investigative tool and has [...]