Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental consequences caused by Bulimia

Studies state that over 4.7 million women and 1.5 million men suffer from bulimia nervosa eating disorder during their lifetime. These disorders cause a lot of damage to our teeth. The continual acid exposure from the stomach from the constant vomiting can create many dental problems and symptoms, such as the ones listed below:

Enamel erosion of your teeth
Increase in cavity development
Painful and bleeding gums
Dry mouth
Broken, cracked teeth
Missing teeth
Chewing difficulties
And many others…

After the patient has obtained help to eliminate the […]


Teeth destruction caused by drug addiction

In general, drug consumption causes many health issues that can affect, not only those who use it, but their family as well.

The main drugs that affect our teeth the most are:
Cannabis or Marihuana:
The biggest problem this drug causes in our mouth is periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis. This disease affects the tissues that offer support to the teeth, which are the gums and bone around the area. It creates general decay, and, in severe cases, the patients lose […]


Crowns in a day

Here at Prisma Dental we have our on-site lab where we can create full porcelain crowns within 24 to 48 hours. By using the newest technology like CAD/CAM, we can have your crowns in the least amount of time possible, always with the highest quality.
The on-site location of our dental lab allows us to maintain the highest quality, precision, aesthetics, and meticulous supervision of all lab work. At Prisma’s Lab we ensure the promptness of all dental work, without […]


TMJ & Botox

Temporomandibular joint disorders are difficult to diagnose. There are several options as far as treatment. Some patients may react differently to each treatment; some may cause better effect on your specific situation.
However, Botox has a greater effect compared to the other methods to treat the same disorder. It has become more and more popular with time, as the use of Botox is associated with other cosmetic practices, not only used for TMJ.
Several benefits of using as treatment for TMJ […]


Nitrous Oxide

Fear or phobia to the dentist still exists; it’s one of the most common shared fears and one that must be faced eventually. Many people don’t routinely visit the dentist for this reason and many can spend years concerned about their oral health and not go. Problems may be begin to accumulate and present themselves painful. There is something that can ease a dental appointment, make a tense and anxious visit a smooth and relaxing one: nitrous oxide.
Nitrous oxide […]


Ever seen a tooth completely dark compared to the rest?

It may be caused by a pulp necrosis, which in other words means death of the inside content of the tooth. Not only makes the tooth look uneven from the rest but it may cause discomfort or intense pain. This can be potential complication of dental cavities, fracture and trauma (hit the tooth, moving teeth with braces too quickly), and may be considered the cause of persistent tooth pain. The treatment is important to prevent further complications and resolve […]


Dental Laser Therapy in Prisma Dental

Laser therapy has become a popular procedure for several dental treatments. The laser produces a light beam the delivers focalized energy to accelerate healing of soft tissue such as the mucous. It
is a painless and silent procedure, which helps reduce the stress of a dental consultation.
Laser procedures reduce blood loss during dental treatments by aiding the coagulation process. Its
high precision makes it an ideal instrument during surgery. The use of laser may even allow
dentists to forego or reduce the […]


Are Zirconium Dental Crowns right for You ?

Zirconium is the latest advance in dental crowns. More durable than porcelain and more natural in appearance than gold, this latest innovation gives patients the desired look of real teeth with less breakage than traditional porcelain crowns.
Because zirconium is harder than both gold and porcelain, it is more robust and long lasting. It can stand up to years of continuous use due to the strength and versatility of this metallic compound. Though it is a strong metal, it has […]


Full Mouth Restoration – Show your smile again!

Full mouth restoration is the preferred solution when a patient suffers from an entire mouth full of missing or failing teeth. The goal of a full mouth restoration is to completely rehabilitate the oral health of the patient, so that they may enjoy the use and appearance of fully functional dental work to replace their own.
Your full mouth restoration will include a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your dental health. Before full replacement implants can be fitted, your […]