Nitrous Oxide

Fear or phobia to the dentist still exists; it’s one of the most common shared fears and one that must be faced eventually. Many people don’t routinely visit the dentist for this reason and many can spend years concerned about their oral health and not go. Problems may be begin to accumulate and present themselves painful. There is something that can ease a dental appointment, make a tense and anxious visit a smooth and relaxing one: nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide [...]

Why Apicoectomy?

A dental infection that originates in a sección that requires nerve treatment or retreatment of the nerve (re-do the treatment) and / or microsurgery (Apicoectomy) to achieve clearing the infection of the piece, both inside and its contour (bone and gum). Cyst Periapicales What to do? 1-If any of these chronicdisease conditionsthat occurat the level ofthe tooth roots: granulomas cysts chronic alveolar abscesses The technique to follow would be to make a root canal in order to eliminate the infection in the tooth root. Followed by an [...]

Got a Cracked Tooth?

Halloween is a great season to be enjoyed, but sometimes that can lead to dental complications like cracked teeth. Candy canes, lollipops, and other scrumptious delights we may enjoy at this time can cause a tooth to crack.   Some interesting facts about cracked teeth:   It is one of the most common reasons people seek help from their dentist Common symptoms are pain when chewing sensitivity to hot or cold Some other factors that can contribute to the risk of a cracked tooth are large fillings the habit [...]

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) This process entails in extracting from the blood plasma the proteins in charge of scaring of wounds and regeneration of tissues. It is administered in a therapeutic dosage in the area to be treated, with the objective of optimizing and accelerating the restorative process naturally.   Dental Process In the dental field, a small blood sample is extracted from the arm some minutes before the dental procedure (Extraction, implants, gum surgery, apicectomy, gingivectomy, bone graft, gum graft, and others). This [...]

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Many will agree that there is no pain like a tooth pain that shoots directly through the nerves; this ache can be so severe it may seem that your head or surrounding area will explode… literally! What is even more interesting is that many adults have no idea that they have extensive tooth decay until that pain forces them to visit the nearest dentist. Only to discover afterwards that a root canal will be necessary. But before you rush [...]

Effects of Wear and Tear on Teeth

Teeth go through a natural process of wear and tear too, if you think of it they function throughout our lives, are subject to a considerable amount of weight, pressure, grinding and mashing. It is normal that with all the work and mechanical movements involved your teeth might be affected over time. Although technically teeth do not become brittle as we age, there are many other factors that might make them less resistant to cracks and chips. For example teeth [...]

What makes Prisma special?

What makes us special at Prisma Dental, the best choice for your dental work and care? We use only the finest quality materials and our dentists are renowned for their experience and skill – but it’s not just those things. It is also in how we care about and relate to our patients. You and your health are what matter to us. We consult with you every step of the way. We want you to understand what we do with [...]

Preparations Before Performing a Root Canal Treatment

We all would like to have pain-free procedures, nowadays with all the medical and technological advances, this is possible. Having a root canal procedure has always been linked to anxiety, stress, and the fear of pain when in reality this procedure can be painless. Before performing a root canal treatment, have a conversation with your dentist. Ask your dentist to explain to you exactly how the procedure will be done and why, how many visits it will take, how [...]

How Can a Root Canal Procedure Save Your Tooth

The best way to understand what happens during any type of procedure is to understand it fully. To understand root canals fully, familiarizing with the anatomy of the tooth is key. Your tooth is covered with a layer of material, the enamel, and beneath it there is a hard layer called dentin. Under the dentin, there is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp is full of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Its main role [...]