Holistic Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

Fear or phobia to the dentist still exists; it’s one of the most common shared fears and one that must be faced eventually. Many people don’t routinely visit the dentist for this reason and many can spend years concerned about their oral health and not go. Problems may be begin to accumulate and present themselves painful. There is something that can ease a dental appointment, make a tense and anxious visit a smooth and relaxing one: nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide [...]

Got a Cracked Tooth?

Halloween is a great season to be enjoyed, but sometimes that can lead to dental complications like cracked teeth. Candy canes, lollipops, and other scrumptious delights we may enjoy at this time can cause a tooth to crack.   Some interesting facts about cracked teeth:   It is one of the most common reasons people seek help from their dentist Common symptoms are pain when chewing sensitivity to hot or cold Some other factors that can contribute to the risk of a cracked tooth are large fillings the habit [...]

Plasma rico en Plaquetas

Plasma rico en Plaquetas Este proceso consiste en extraer del plasma sanguíneo las proteínas encargadas de la cicatrización de heridas y regeneración de tejidos. Se administra en dosis terapéutica en la zona a tratar esto con el objetivo de optimizar y acelerar los procesos reparativos de forma natural. Proceso En la consulta dental se extrae una pequeña cantidad de sangre del brazo unos minutos antes del procedimiento dental. Mediante un proceso de centrifugación se da la separación de elementos sanguíneos, esto para extraer [...]

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) This process entails in extracting from the blood plasma the proteins in charge of scaring of wounds and regeneration of tissues. It is administered in a therapeutic dosage in the area to be treated, with the objective of optimizing and accelerating the restorative process naturally.   Dental Process In the dental field, a small blood sample is extracted from the arm some minutes before the dental procedure (Extraction, implants, gum surgery, apicectomy, gingivectomy, bone graft, gum graft, and others). This [...]

Top Trends in Dentistry

[star_list] [list_item] Aesthetics is the New Definition of Beauty We have come a long way, back in the 1960ś the main concern was tooth decay and tooth loss and although dentists did perform bridge and crown restorations it was far from the full-mouth restorations that are so common nowadays. Nowadays cosmetic dentistry is practically the norm and patients have high expectations, they want to be able to flash a new smile in practically no time and without a trace of pain and discomfort. [...]

Holistic Approach in Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry goes by many names including: alternative dentistry, unconventional dentistry, biocompatible dentistry and biologic dentistry. The approach to dental care is that which considers the patient’s dental health as part of a whole which includes the entire scope of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health. This movement has impacted the whole dental care system through the years and we can see it in how dental fillings and materials have evolved. Let us take a look at fillings for [...]