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Generations Caring For Your Oral Health

Toothpaste as we know it began to be marketed and became popular until the 1920’s while the foundation and basics of dentistry were published in the 1700’s. With each generation there are new discoveries which in turn catapult technological advances. We are at a point in history wherein the dental concerns of our grandparents can be easily solved with oral surgery, implants, crowns, veneers and more. And what is even more exciting is that more advances and discoveries [...]

Prisma Dental the Decision You Will Not Regret

Good Morning Beautiful People! First of all, thank you for visiting our blog, we are floored that you have us as your reference when searching for your specific dental/oral-health concern. For us it is truly important that you let us know how we can provide you with the best information and advice there is. Just over a year ago, we decided to revamp our website so that it would be easier for your to have all the information you needed [...]

Considering a Full-mouth Reconstruction?

During a full-mouth reconstruction or restoration several procedures are involved with the intent to improve not only the appearance of your smile but also to improve your oral health and functionality. People with teeth with some type of damage, are worn down or are missing completely are good candidates to have reconstructions. Damaged teeth do not only affect the way you look, your self-esteem and image it can also create bite imbalance and affect your chewing ability. Some [...]

First Visit to Prisma Dental – FAQ’s

Welcome to your first appointment at Prisma Dental, we are overjoyed to have you with us today. We understand that your oral health is a priority in your life and your priority is ours too. Today we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to arrange your stay while visiting Costa Rica for the first time. How can I get to Prisma? Prisma Dental is located at a prestigious zone just 20 minutes from the International [...]

5 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Prisma Dental

Experience and Tradition Both Dr. Josef Cordero and Dr. Thelma Rubinstein boast of over 30 years of experience, with a list of thousands of happy patients who do not regret coming over to Costa Rica and giving Prisma Dental the chance to make a major change in their lives. Dr. Josef Cordero is a world-class oral surgeon and Dr. Telma Rubinstein is renowned for her expertise in full-mouth restoration and aesthetic work. Quality At Prisma Dental we do not only assure [...]

Make Most of Our Green Season

One of the most interesting questions that tourists make when they come over to Costa Rica is: “Does it rain all the time?” Many of them are unaware that Costa Rica is a country with only two seasonal stations: a rainy season (from May through November) and a dry season (from December through April). The rainy season has been dubbed by the tourism industry as the “Green Season”, the reason is quite obvious, most tourists expect the worst [...]

VIP Treatment at Prisma Dental

At Prisma Dental we value your time, and of course your trust in us to have your procedure done safely, accurately and promptly. You can surely identify with dental procedures that require multiple visits only to have one small detail checked. Most probably your dentist back home will send the molds of the teeth you need to replace to a provider and if you need tomography scans you might need to go to another laboratory to have them before [...]

Dental Implants – Welcome to the Future!

Remember the days when you would see your grandparents drop their dentures into a glass with a solution before they went to bed? The image of grandparents with dropping jaws comes inevitably to our minds. Is this our future? The truth is, tooth loss might be a natural process of aging but science and technology have evolved in such a way that we have amazing options at our fingertips. At Prisma Dental, we yearn to give you the best of [...]

Costa Rica as a World Reference of Excellence

Lately Costa Rica has taken the whole world media and social media by storm, the stage is the World Cup 2014. As our national team of soccer players advanced, more and more people around the world were searching online about our country and looking for some type of reference. After all, we are a relatively small country with a population with less than 5 million. Where is Costa Rica? What are they good at? What do they produce? Are they [...]

A Platform with You in Mind

Since its inception Prisma Dental Clinic has made it clear that we value quality and care. Over the years we have attended a long list of patients who have walked out of the clinic feeling happy and satisfied because they have received bigger bang for the buck. Thirty years ago we depended on conventional telephone service and mail in order to get in touch with our patients. Times have changed and now, more than ever we can immediately receive your e-mails, process [...]