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What is a Complex Tooth Extraction?

A simple tooth extraction is referred to the procedure of removing a tooth which has an upright position and the process of extruding it is considered to be “simple”. A complex tooth extraction will encompass all the other types of extractions wherein the process is not as straightforward as prying on a tooth and pulling it out. In fact, teeth have a myriad ways to position themselves and in order to take them out many times surgery is needed. [...]

The Art of Tooth Removal

For us here at Prisma Dental, the path towards creating the perfect balance between beauty and a good, functional bite is an art. Even the most “simple” procedure is not simple at all since it will always require a good assessment of each individual case and also expertise of the professional. Let us look into the “simple” procedure of removing a tooth, we call it “simple” exodontia or tooth extraction when the shape of the root or roots allow an easy [...]

Wisdom Teeth – To Remove or Not to Remove?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars teeth that erupts, in the evolution of humankind, this set of teeth had the important task to to replace the first set of molars in case they wore out. It also had a lot to do with the diet our ancestors had. Times have changed and our diet is definitely very different from that of our ancestors, now we cook our food, we have the proper utensils to cut it into [...]

Smile Design – Modern, Functional Art

Designing the perfect smile is an art with many considerations that many times go unnoticed. Did you know that for example, for a smile to be considered attractive besides the whiteness of teeth, the appropriate size proportion to the face is also important? Smile design is an art wherein esthetic fuses perfectly with health and functionality. A little bit of history, our smiles have always been a source of wonder since we express our emotions with it and the whole mouth [...]