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Prisma Dental the Decision You Will Not Regret

Good Morning Beautiful People! First of all, thank you for visiting our blog, we are floored that you have us as your reference when searching for your specific dental/oral-health concern.

For us it is truly important that you let us know how we can provide you with the best information and advice there is.

Just over a year ago, we decided to revamp our website so that it would be easier for your to have all the information you needed […]

First Visit to Prisma Dental – FAQ’s

Welcome to your first appointment at Prisma Dental, we are overjoyed to have you with us today. We understand that your oral health is a priority in your life and your priority is ours too.
Today we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to arrange your stay while visiting Costa Rica for the first time.
How can I get to Prisma?
Prisma Dental is located at a prestigious zone just 20 minutes from the International […]

Make Most of Our Green Season

One of the most interesting questions that tourists make when they come over to Costa Rica is: “Does it rain all the time?”

Many of them are unaware that Costa Rica is a country with only two seasonal stations: a rainy season (from May through November) and a dry season (from December through April). The rainy season has been dubbed by the tourism industry as the “Green Season”, the reason is quite obvious, most tourists expect the worst […]

VIP Treatment at Prisma Dental

At Prisma Dental we value your time, and of course your trust in us to have your procedure done safely, accurately and promptly.

You can surely identify with dental procedures that require multiple visits only to have one small detail checked. Most probably your dentist back home will send the molds of the teeth you need to replace to a provider and if you need tomography scans you might need to go to another laboratory to have them before […]

Costa Rica as a World Reference of Excellence

Lately Costa Rica has taken the whole world media and social media by storm, the stage is the World Cup 2014.

As our national team of soccer players advanced, more and more people around the world were searching online about our country and looking for some type of reference. After all, we are a relatively small country with a population with less than 5 million.

Where is Costa Rica? What are they good at? What do they produce? Are they […]

Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Your Needs?

For Prisma Dental, it is always hard to read articles like: “Why American dental insurance is so unspeakably awful”.

The above article describes the experience of Wendell Potter, a typical American woman who had a negative experience going to the dentist since childhood.

This led her to avoid going to the dentist as an adult unless it was extremely necessary and sometimes even extremely painful. Last fall an excruciating tooth pain forced her to go back to the dentist. […]

Common Concerns about Medical Tourism

Although Costa Rica is becoming a very attractive option for millions of North Americans and Europeans, many have expressed their concerns about the safety, quality and have asked plenty of questions which we would like to answer.

If you would also like to ask a question, feel free to leave us a message. We highly encourage you to be well informed, for that will allow you to make the best decision according to your needs.



Why is it so cheap […]

Debunking Medical Tourism Myths

Costa Rica is becoming a hot spot for patients seeking medical and dental care from countries such as the United States, Canada and Europe.

But for these patients to make such a decision they had to do a lot of research and also overcome some perceptions about what it is to have their procedures done in a place which considered to be a third-world country.

Over the years, we have observed that there certain “fears” based on myths patients have about […]

Costa Rica is one of the Original Retirement Destinations

According to Annual Retirement Index, a report by International Living, Costa Rica ranks #4 and is considered to be one of the world’s top retirement havens.

“Costa Rica is one of the original overseas retirement destinations. It’s been welcoming expats for more than 30 years: a legacy of the year-round warm weather, as well as longtime political stability and public safety.”

Besides all the natural beauty that Costa Rica offers, since it is the “original” retirement haven, it makes it […]

2014 Customer Service Award from WhatClinic.com


It gives me great pleasure to say that Prisma Dental has been awarded the 2014 Customer Service Award from WhatClinic.com.

Only a tiny fraction of clinics made the high standards needed to win. We have added the award to your brochure listing, which is proven to increase patient enquiries and patient conversion.

Congratulations and well done! (more…)