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Protect Your Child’s Teeth with a Sealant

What is a Sealant?

It is a thin coat of plastic that is painted on the surface of teeth, usually the premolars and molars in order to prevent caries. This sealant is effective since it can be spread over the chewing surfaces of teeth and can bond into the grooves of teeth, thus creating a protective shield.

Sealants are usually applied on the back teeth because they are considered to be vulnerable to caries since no matter how meticulous […]

Prolonged Breastfeeding Can Cause Cavities

Breastfeeding is the universal symbol of motherhood, it conjures up the the images of warmth and that otherworldly bubble where mother and child connect not only physically but also emotionally.

But is too much of a good thing bad? So it seems.

According to researchers at the University of Califormia, half of the children that are being breastfed after the age of 2 may develop caries. In a study conducted in Brazil it was found that around 40% of […]

Pediatric Dentistry : Luxury or Necessity?

There is a myth about children´s teeth which has somehow affected the way parents get involved with their children’s oral health.

Many believe that since children´s first set of teeth will eventually fall off, they are not as important and it is OK to loose them to caries. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Your child´s teeth are precious, and even though milk teeth will eventually fall off, they are the teeth responsible for your child´s wellbeing up to […]

Does Your Child’s Teeth Affect School Performance?

As loving parents, your child´s wellbeing is priority. There are many factors which comprise the word wellbeing, it includes health and nutrition, education, emotional wellbeing, mental stimulation, socializing with peers and so much more, including oral health.

A child´s oral health many times is not regarded as important when compared to other ares of a child´s development. And there is more and more information and research that points that it is critical for a child´s wellbeing and even […]

The Heart of the Matter

Dr. Telma Rubinstein, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Prisma Dental has been encountering over her years of practice a drastic increase in the number of children that make appointments at the clinic.

She has attended toddlers as young as 18 months with cavities.

This tendency was confirmed by Dr. Shenkin, spokesman of the American Dental Association, who said that tooth decay is largely preventable however he has observed that most parents he sees were unaware they needed to make sure […]

The Fine Line Between Dentistry and Speech Science

Our body is a system and all its parts work in sync with each other like the delicate pieces of a swiss watch.

It is no wonder that dentistry will go hand in hand with speech science and that there is a relationship between your teeth and how a child learns to speak.

The article, The Impact of Prolonged Pacifier Use on Speech Articulation: A Preliminary Investigation by Laura L. Shotts, D. Mike McDaniel, Richard A. Neeley from Arkansas State University, […]

Caring for the Little Ones

Pediatric Dentistry focuses in providing caring assistance for little ones and their tender pearly whites from the moment they erupt until their adolescence stage.

As many know, the eruption of the first tooth in toddlers is one of the most important events. It marks their transition from being fed only with milk to being able to slowly process solid food.

Teething in children however, is so much more than just being able to chew properly; as teeth maintain an important role […]

Training Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Remember the days when dinner was hot cocoa with marshmallows and pb&j sandwiches?

Those were the days . . . and they were usually followed by mom or dad chasing their kids around to make them brush their teeth. However, no matter how hard they tried, kids still had it their way and they would somehow do everything possible not to brush their tender pearly whites.

They would resort to temper tantrums, running around the house or even […]

What makes Prisma special?

What makes us special at Prisma Dental, the best choice for your dental work and care?

We use only the finest quality materials and our dentists are renowned for their experience and skill – but it’s not just those things. It is also in how we care about and relate to our patients. You and your health are what matter to us. We consult with you every step of the way. We want you to understand what we do with […]

Treasuring Your Toddler´s Teeth Early On

Many of the concerns that adults have about their teeth can be traced back to when they were toddlers starting the teething process. Tooth decay is one of the many fears parents in regards to their children and adults face.

Dr. Telma Rubinstein, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Prisma Dental has been encountering over the years a drastic increase in the number of children that make appointments at the clinic. She has attended toddlers as young as […]