The Many Wonders of Dental Implants

The Many Wonders of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option for missing teeth because of it is natural and aesthetic feel and look.

But the benefits of dental implants go way beyond giving you a beautiful and renewed smile.

When you lose a tooth or more your facial structure starts to changes too, it is a natural response of the body that where a tooth is lost, the density of the bone diminishes, in the long run if more teeth are lost, this can impact the contour of your jaw and thus affects the contour of your face. The decision to have dental implants is one of those decisions that can have a definite impact on how you look for years o come.

Missing teeth can affect not only your overall health; it can certainly affect the aesthetics of teeth. When a tooth needs to be removed for whichever reason, the bone is reabsorbed and the surrounding teeth will start to move.

It is natural that overtime; gravity will make the surrounding teeth to lean towards the open space created by the lost tooth. When an implant is placed where there was a missing tooth it will prevent this movement and will also start to stimulate the bone so that it will stop loosing bone structure.

Many times, we can observe that individuals who have lost an important amount of teeth and are wearing dentures present some sagging, especially in the areas of the cheeks. This is because as the bone is reabsorbed there is a loss of muscle attachment and the skin starts to have this “saggy” look. When a tooth is replaced with a dental implant, the bone revitalizes since it is stimulated and the muscle has the ability to become stronger. The overall effect is that of a natural lift, allowing the facial skin to expand and look smoother.

Here, at Prisma Dental we are celebrating 30 years of life-changing procedures, thousands of patients have walked out our clinic with rejuvenated smiles and bouncing cheeks.

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  • Dr.Biju Thomas Reply

    I find this post interesting to note about Dental implants which are a great option for missing teeth because of its natural and aesthetic feel and look..The decision to have dental implant is seen to have a definite impact on future years to come for any individual.Scientific dental implant clinic restores lost teeth and give beautiful smile on your face.Dental implant offers several major advantages to patients after tooth loss.

    May 27, 2014 at 6:08 am

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