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Nurturing Your Smile Inside Out – Part 2

We would like to continue discussing how to nurture your smile inside out. What else could you add to your diet that will not only ensure good overall health and vitality but will also support your oral health? [star_list] [list_item] Welcome your day with citrus. Citrus juices and fruits are a great way to start out your day. They will sure replenish your body with Vitamin C to keep it vibrant with health and energy and will stimulate your salivary glands. [...]

Nurturing Your Smile Inside Out – Part 1

Besides performing routine checkups at your dentist, brushing your teeth and flossing, is there any way you could actually nurture your pearly whites inside out? Lately there have been many studies in regards to the linkage between foods and cancer proving that there are foods that can “starve” cancer. If cancer can be “starved” in such a way that it does not develop fully, can cavities or their bacteria be somehow “starved” too? Right now there is no such [...]

The Secret Your Teeth Shout Out Loud: Bulimia – Part 1

Bulimia is a condition that has been affecting generations men and women and can have long-term effects on every area of your health including your teeth. Bulimia is an eating disorder and one of the main characteristics is that people usually go through stages of binge-eating followed by purging. It is a habit that can become so uncontrollable that the person involved simply cannot stop the cycle of consuming large amounts of food during a short period of time [...]

More Than Just a Pretty Smile – Part 1

Oral Health encompasses so much more than just a pretty smile, to be able to flash your pearly whites well aligned and sparkling is definitely attractive, but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. According to Dr. Telma Rubinstein from Prisma Dental, “Dental aesthetics goes beyond having teeth that are clean, sparkling white and aligned. It also includes having healthy gums and lips, free of inflammation or redness. For this reason, basic care must go [...]

Treasuring Your Toddler´s Teeth Early On

Many of the concerns that adults have about their teeth can be traced back to when they were toddlers starting the teething process. Tooth decay is one of the many fears parents in regards to their children and adults face. Dr. Telma Rubinstein, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Prisma Dental has been encountering over the years a drastic increase in the number of children that make appointments at the clinic. She has attended toddlers as young as [...]

Pediatric Dentistry

At Prisma Dental we care for your family’s oral health, thus it is our aim to provide the best treatment and preventive care for you and your little ones as well. Pediatric Dentistry is all about caring for children’s oral health, many of the oral health complications during adulthood can be easily tracked back to childhood. Maybe a child was not taught how to brush his teeth correctly or he was lazy and skipped washing his teeth as many nights as [...]

Dental Braces – Orthodontics Services

When we think of braces the picture of teenagers growing up flashing a metallic smile might immediately pop up. We all have the idea that braces are the traditional metal brackets with color bands, which are changed every month. Nowadays, braces are definitely not for teenagers only. In fact, looking at the orthodontics trends, you will now see that now they are smaller, might not even use rubber bands, are made of a variety materials and are designed [...]

Common Practices to Ensure Children´s Oral Health

The best time to take care of your children´s teeth is before they begin to erupt. There are some common practices that parents have been exercising, without awareness, disregarding their youngsters’ oral health. Many of these practices have been around for a long time such as; letting your child go to sleep with a bottle. This is a practice which overtime can cause great damage to the child´s teeth. Just imagine this scenario: your child is gratified to [...]

Therasnore – A device that can help stop snoring

Snoring is caused by the obstruction or narrowing of the airways while sleeping. The vibration on the uvula and soft palate when breathing causes the sound of what is known as snoring, which can be either mild or very loud in some cases. A person that suffers from snoring can develop serious conditions associated to sleep deprivation, such as the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition to this, it is no secret that loud snoring can be [...]

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Individuals around the world are looking more and more each day for ways to brighten their smiles and make their teeth as white as possible. A bright smile is considered to be healthy and attractive, which is why people are visiting the dental office more often in the hopes of achieving perfectly white teeth. The market is filled with offers of products that promise to transform stained, yellowish teeth into beautiful pearly whites. However, a person must be aware that [...]