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The Relationship Between Progesterone and Your Mouth

Progesterone is a hormone which supports gestation and the female menstrual cycle. The overall effects that this hormone can have in your body might translate to oral health issues. Certain birth control pills contain progesterone; with the increase of this hormone in the body, it is possible that the gums react in a very sensitive manner. Women who take progesterone pills might encounter swollen gum tissues as a reaction to the toxins released from plaque. If you are taking an [...]

Medical Tourism – Why Choose Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has long been considered a country surrounded by exotic vegetation and for many it will always be remembered as a jungle. For some, it is a surprise that medical tourism has encountered such a huge growth during the last 15 years. And this growth is very well founded. When the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked the world’s health systems in the year 2000, Costa Rica was ranked as no. 36, which was higher than the U.S., [...]

Female Hormone Fluctuation and Its Effect on Oral Health

Women are under constant fluctuation of hormones which is unique to them; these changes may make them more prone to certain oral health concerns in different stages during their lives, and during the month. Hormones affect both the supply of blood to gum tissue as well as the body’s response to toxins (for example those from the result of plaque). Let us look into what happens during one of the most dramatic stages, puberty, in regards to oral health. During [...]

Changes During Menopause Affect Oral Health

The whole reproductive cycle of a woman is marked by how hormones interact with the body during her reproductive years. When these hormones slowly withdraw signaling menopause, women experience a series of changes. These changes will most likely affect the whole body, and it is not a surprise that it will also affect their oral health. As we age our body experiences changes in many levels including mental, emotional and physical. Some of the most [...]

Flash Your New Smile With Confidence

At Prisma Dental, we love designing the perfect smile for you. In fact, we have an extensive list of happy patients, many of them have gone through procedures such as a complete mouth restoration. A procedure worth many tens of thousands of dollars in other countries can be flawlessly performed at Prisma in Costa Rica for just a fraction of the price. At Prisma, our commitment for top-quality procedures has impressed many of our patients from the United States and [...]

Root Canals – Myths and Facts

A root canal treatment is a procedure which is performed when the tooth decay is very extensive or when it has become infected. The procedure will remove the pulp and the nerve of the teeth, clean the inside of the decayed tooth followed by sealing it. We would like to clear some myths about this procedure. [star_list] [list_item] One of the most common myths is that root canal treatment is very painful. Nowadays there are many efficient anesthetic options and [...]

What Are Dental Crowns For?

Dentistry has evolved with time and with the use of materials that mimic the feel and look of real teeth. But what exactly is a dental crown and what is it used for? A dental crown is a cap with the shape of a tooth, and it is usually used to protect a damaged tooth. Having this procedure improves the strength of the weakened tooth as well as the shape, size and appearance. There are plenty of reasons why [...]

What Practices Lead to Sensitive Teeth?

The first part of this article explained the basic concept of teeth sensitivity and a couple of the most common practices which make this condition worse. We will keep on identifying these practices so you can identify and correct accordingly. [star_list] [list_item] Whitening Teeth Too Often Dr. Josef Cordero explains “having a bright smile is something everyone wants. However, abusing the power of whitening toothpastes, gels, strips and other products that usually contain peroxide, can cause sensitive teeth”. Usually, the [...]

Common Practices That Cause Teeth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be identified as the discomfort felt in one or more teeth. This uncomfortable situation is usually triggered by exposure to cold, hot, sour or even sweet drinks or foods. There are times wherein breathing cold air is enough to produce tooth pain. The pain that characterizes sensitive teeth can be sharp, sudden and can sometimes strike as deep as into the nerve endings of teeth. “Sensitivity in teeth occurs when the layer beneath your teeth, the [...]

How Stress Can Impact Oral Health?

We live in a world that never stops and most have a full-fledged profession matched with a family life. Stress has become one of the main factors that disrupt our daily lives and many times we are not even aware of it. Stress can affect our professional and emotional lives; it is not a surprise that in the long run too much stress and anxiety can also affect our oral and overall health. We have listed three of [...]