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Excelence Award 2013

Prisma Dental is a well known dental clinic for its excellence and high quality service to its patients, both national and foreign. Thanks to their enormous effort the clinic received not one, but two recognitions by the Fundación Programa Nacional de Cultura “Leer es Vivir” por una Centroamérica Unida (“Reading is Living” for a united Central America National and Cultural Program Foundation). The clinic received the Business Gold Award 2013, for a solid 30-year trajectory and pristine professional service that [...]

Recommendations and Oral Treatments for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

A person with Parkinson's can receive dental care and can practically receive any type of treatment as long as it is not contraindicated by the physician. "Patients are attended in the same way others are, however more time is dedicated to them since some might require rest periods during their specific treatment," says Dr. Telma Rubinstein. Patients with Parkinson's disease usually lack motion control thus making it difficult to brush and floss properly. For this reason, dental hygiene is the [...]

Parkinson’s Disease and Oral Health Concerns

Parkinson´s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system which means that it is the type of disease that advances with time. The most obvious and initial symptoms are related to movement such as shaking, rigidity, difficulty in walking, slow movements amongst others. Most cases occur after the age of fifty. Although the effects of this disease affect practically every area of life, today we will talk about how it affects oral health. Parkinson's disease can have [...]

Symptoms and Causes of Mouth Sores

Now that we have mentioned the different types of sores that can appear in your mouth, we would like to go into the details of what actually causes them and how you can identify them. Canker sores are usually painful they last from 5 to 10 days and do not present fever symptoms, they also tend to re-appear. The real cause of canker sores is still a mystery. It has been observed that many factors contribute to their development; [...]

Understanding Different Types of Mouth Sores

If you have ever experienced a cold sore then you know they can be unsightly and very painful. But what are they exactly? Stomatitis is the general term that is used for the condition of an inflamed and sore mouth. It can occur anywhere in the mouth, including the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and palate. A sore mouth can disrupt a person's ability to eat, talk and even sleep. Today we will talk about the three [...]

One Visit – Multiple Benefits – Simple

By now you may have read that regular check-ups with your dentist are recommended for proper oral hygiene and health. While your interior rebel might fight back at the mere thought of opening your mouth to a total stranger with devices that seem to poke at you, the truth is just one simple visit can actually save you a lot of heartache, headache, toothache and wallet ache. Regular visits to the dentist´s office are not only advisable; they are the [...]

3 Myths About Mouth Bacteria Debunked

Myths are like bacteria, they have the power to multiply and sometimes it can simply go out of control to the extent that what is only a myth might be regarded as a fact. [star_list] [list_item] It is said that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than that of humans. This could not be farther from the truth, there is actually no data that points that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than that of a human. In fact, the amount of bacteria in both [...]

Do You Know What Actually Lives in Your Mouth?

Have you ever stopped to think about what actually lives in your mouth? The first answer that comes to mind is bacteria. And this answer is correct, but do you know how many types of bacteria there are? If you had to compare the population of bacteria that resides in your mouth and that of the population on Earth, which country do you think your mouth would represent? Do you think that there is as many bacteria as the [...]

Oral Cancer attacks primarily men over 40 years old

One of every four people with oral cancer dies due to a late diagnosis. The presence of sores, stains, constant bleeding, and changes in the tone of voice or pain in the mouth area are symptoms of this illness. Anybody can have Oral Cancer, but the risk increases in men over 40 years old that have the habit of smoking and drinking. Frequent sun exposure can also turn into a major cause of oral cancer, according to the National Institute of [...]

Staying in Costa Rica is a Pleasure

When traveling one of the main concerns is where to stay, what type of budget you have and if where you are staying is accessible or not. Costa Rica’s geography is privileged, from one side it is guarded by the Pacific Ocean and from the other side Atlantic Oceans’ waves wash over our shores with grace. But Costa Rica has more to offer than its beaches, and in terms of where to stay you will always have plenty [...]