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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Tooth implants have taken the world of dentistry to a whole new level, now there is hope for those who have lost a considerable number of teeth without having to compromise aesthetics, functionality and durability. But is this option for everyone? For a person to be a good candidate for a tooth implant, he needs to have healthy gums and enough bone to anchor the implants in the jaw. Since the jaw bone decreases naturally after a tooth is lost, [...]

A Platform with You in Mind

Since its inception Prisma Dental Clinic has made it clear that we value quality and care. Over the years we have attended a long list of patients who have walked out of the clinic feeling happy and satisfied because they have received bigger bang for the buck. Thirty years ago we depended on conventional telephone service and mail in order to get in touch with our patients. Times have changed and now, more than ever we can immediately receive your e-mails, process [...]

Prolonged Breastfeeding Can Cause Cavities

Breastfeeding is the universal symbol of motherhood, it conjures up the the images of warmth and that otherworldly bubble where mother and child connect not only physically but also emotionally. But is too much of a good thing bad? So it seems. According to researchers at the University of Califormia, half of the children that are being breastfed after the age of 2 may develop caries. In a study conducted in Brazil it was found that around 40% of [...]

Brush Your Teeth, Save Your Heart

Currently in the United States the average deaths caused by cardiovascular disease is 600,000 people per year. And if these statistics do not impress you, on average the country spends $109 billion on deaths and illnesses associated with coronary heart disease. According to new study from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, researchers have discovered the direct relation between having good oral hygiene and having a lower degree of artherosclerosis, a condition that exposes you to a [...]

How to Spot Gum Disease?

Gum disease is not as perceptible as for example tooth decay, it does not actually make a hole in your tooth and sometimes it might take a long time for gum disease to develop in order to give you clear signs of what is going on. But knowing now the importance of healthy gums, it is simply a matter of observation, good oral hygiene habits and of routine visits and you will already be investing on your pearly whites and [...]

Periodontic Treatments Can Save Your Heart

Mr. Lee was brought up in a family where oral hygiene meant brushing your teeth twice a day as most families around the world do. It was until his bad breath became a concern that he decided to seek the advice of a dentist. By the time he approached the periodontist his two front teeth were in bad shape and he felt them moving frequently. He timidly acknowledged that he had experienced bleeding while brushing his teeth for years and [...]

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Many will agree that there is no pain like a tooth pain that shoots directly through the nerves; this ache can be so severe it may seem that your head or surrounding area will explode… literally! What is even more interesting is that many adults have no idea that they have extensive tooth decay until that pain forces them to visit the nearest dentist. Only to discover afterwards that a root canal will be necessary. But before you rush [...]

Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Your Needs?

For Prisma Dental, it is always hard to read articles like: “Why American dental insurance is so unspeakably awful”. The above article describes the experience of Wendell Potter, a typical American woman who had a negative experience going to the dentist since childhood. This led her to avoid going to the dentist as an adult unless it was extremely necessary and sometimes even extremely painful. Last fall an excruciating tooth pain forced her to go back to the dentist. [...]

Common Concerns about Medical Tourism

Although Costa Rica is becoming a very attractive option for millions of North Americans and Europeans, many have expressed their concerns about the safety, quality and have asked plenty of questions which we would like to answer. If you would also like to ask a question, feel free to leave us a message. We highly encourage you to be well informed, for that will allow you to make the best decision according to your needs. [star_list] [list_item] Why is it so cheap [...]

What is a Complex Tooth Extraction?

A simple tooth extraction is referred to the procedure of removing a tooth which has an upright position and the process of extruding it is considered to be “simple”. A complex tooth extraction will encompass all the other types of extractions wherein the process is not as straightforward as prying on a tooth and pulling it out. In fact, teeth have a myriad ways to position themselves and in order to take them out many times surgery is needed. [...]