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Plasma rico en Plaquetas

Plasma rico en Plaquetas Este proceso consiste en extraer del plasma sanguíneo las proteínas encargadas de la cicatrización de heridas y regeneración de tejidos. Se administra en dosis terapéutica en la zona a tratar esto con el objetivo de optimizar y acelerar los procesos reparativos de forma natural. Proceso En la consulta dental se extrae una pequeña cantidad de sangre del brazo unos minutos antes del procedimiento dental. Mediante un proceso de centrifugación se da la separación de elementos sanguíneos, esto para extraer [...]

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) This process entails in extracting from the blood plasma the proteins in charge of scaring of wounds and regeneration of tissues. It is administered in a therapeutic dosage in the area to be treated, with the objective of optimizing and accelerating the restorative process naturally.   Dental Process In the dental field, a small blood sample is extracted from the arm some minutes before the dental procedure (Extraction, implants, gum surgery, apicectomy, gingivectomy, bone graft, gum graft, and others). This [...]

In-lays and On-lays a cosmetic approach to a perfect smile.

In-lays are indirect aesthetic restorations consisting of a rigid biocompatible material, they are indicated in cases were there is a significant tooth structure loss and were regular composite fillings are not indicated and a crown would be consider an over the top treatment. In-lays can be made of porcelain, thermo/light cure composite or gold. This technique involves fabricating the restoration in the laboratory using the dental impressions of the prepared tooth and finally cemented to the tooth several days after. During [...]

Resin Veneers an alternative to aesthetically improve your smile.

Composite resins are an alternative to aesthetically improve your smile. It is a minimally invasive and conservative dental treatment used improve the tooth’s shape and design. This is achieved by layering composite resin on the outside of the tooth, all the while keeping your own teeth, but getting a perfect and lasting finish. The veneers we do at Prisma Dental can correct defects such as bad tooth position, tooth fractures, discoloration, changes in shape and size, teeth with multiple restorations, [...]