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Healthy gums means healthy heart and healthy teeth.

This month we celebrate the elderly with our patients and remind them that no matter how old, excellent care of our oral health is essential to good living conditions. Where we restore lost bite, either with implants, crowns, dentures, bridges or resins. With dental implants we can replace one or more teeth and may also provide support for fixed or removable prosthesis. The function of the bridge is to replace one or more teeth permanently and once the dental and periodontal [...]

Why Apicoectomy?

A dental infection that originates in a sección that requires nerve treatment or retreatment of the nerve (re-do the treatment) and / or microsurgery (Apicoectomy) to achieve clearing the infection of the piece, both inside and its contour (bone and gum). Cyst Periapicales What to do? 1-If any of these chronicdisease conditionsthat occurat the level ofthe tooth roots: granulomas cysts chronic alveolar abscesses The technique to follow would be to make a root canal in order to eliminate the infection in the tooth root. Followed by an [...]

Dental Implants: Safety and comfort

Dental Implants are over 25 years of being an excellent choice for improving dental aesthetics and functionality of the mouth in those who have lost one or more teeth. Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that function as bases for placement of fixed prosthodontists, avoiding the use of dentures annoying. First, the dentist must make an assessment of the patient's oral situation, through panoramic x-rays and CT scans (3D), to measure the remaining bone and condition. The placement is [...]

Implantes dentales: Seguridad y confort

Los Implantes dentales tienen más de 25 años de ser una excelente opción para mejorar la estética dental y funcionalidad de la boca en aquellas persona que han sufrido la pérdida de una o más piezas dentales. Los implantes dentales son raíces artificiales de titanio que funcionan como bases para la colocación de prótesis dentales fijas, evitando el uso de las molestas prótesis removibles. Primero, el odontólogo debe realizar una evaluación de la situación bucal del paciente, por medio de radiografías [...]

A device that can help stop snoring – Therasnore

By: Prisma Dental  Snoring is caused by the obstruction or narrowing of the airways while sleeping. The vibration on the uvula and soft palate when breathing causes the sound of what is known as snoring, which can be either mild or very loud in some cases. A person that suffers from snoring can develop serious conditions associated to sleep deprivation, such as the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition to this, it is no secret that loud snoring can [...]

Got a Cracked Tooth?

Halloween is a great season to be enjoyed, but sometimes that can lead to dental complications like cracked teeth. Candy canes, lollipops, and other scrumptious delights we may enjoy at this time can cause a tooth to crack.   Some interesting facts about cracked teeth:   It is one of the most common reasons people seek help from their dentist Common symptoms are pain when chewing sensitivity to hot or cold Some other factors that can contribute to the risk of a cracked tooth are large fillings the habit [...]

Periodontal Regenerative Surgery (osseous rejuvenation)

The advances in the understanding of the biology of wound healing and periodontal regenerative technologies are applied to improve long-term clinical outcomes of teeth which are periodontally compromised by intrabony or inert-radicular defects.   Periodontal regeneration is selected to:   1. Increase the periodontal attachment of a compromised tooth. 2. Decrease in deep pockets to a more maintainable range. 3. Reduce the vertical and horizontal components of furcation defects.   There are different types of defects: suprabony (horizontal) defects, infrabony (vertical) defects and inter-radicular (furcation) defects. Suprabony [...]