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All on 6 and All on 8 Dental Implants

All on 6 and All on 8 dental procedures are the ideal options when a full set of teeth is required. If your natural teeth are missing or in poor condition, you may believe that you will suffer with uncomfortable temporary dentures for the remainder of your life. All on 6 and All on 8 implants not only offer a more comfortable solution, but they are also permanently installed so that you may forget that you haven’t always had [...]

Are Zirconium Dental Crowns right for You ?

Zirconium is the latest advance in dental crowns. More durable than porcelain and more natural in appearance than gold, this latest innovation gives patients the desired look of real teeth with less breakage than traditional porcelain crowns. Because zirconium is harder than both gold and porcelain, it is more robust and long lasting. It can stand up to years of continuous use due to the strength and versatility of this metallic compound. Though it is a strong metal, it has [...]

Full Mouth Restoration – Show your smile again!

Full mouth restoration is the preferred solution when a patient suffers from an entire mouth full of missing or failing teeth. The goal of a full mouth restoration is to completely rehabilitate the oral health of the patient, so that they may enjoy the use and appearance of fully functional dental work to replace their own. Your full mouth restoration will include a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your dental health. Before full replacement implants can be fitted, your [...]

Dental Implants – A replacement for tooth roots

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. With surgical posts in place of your natural tooth roots, you can have replacement teeth installed that are almost indistinguishable from your own. Removing the necessity for temporary bridges and dentures, dental implants allow for permanent dental work that is not only beautiful but fully functional. Improve your oral health and your self-confidence with dental implants, so that you never have to worry about uncomfortable and embarrassing removable pieces again. Even your speech could [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers started as a Hollywood trick to perfect the smiles of actors and actresses onscreen. Today, they are frequently in demand to restore the appearance of patients’ teeth and give everyone a Hollywood smile. Porcelain veneers are thin casings that surround your teeth to give them an unblemished and perfectly shaped appearance. Made from medical grade ceramic, these cosmetic covers have the remarkable appearance of naturally perfect teeth. When you see people with an impossibly perfect smile, they can [...]