Monthly Archives - March 2015

Our patient Story: Carlos at Prisma Dental

Carlos came all the way from Paraguay to fix his teeth at Prisma Dental and was treated to cake and birthday celebrations for doctor Nadine all at the same time! It all started with a panoramic X-ray and a thorough diagnosis in a unique case. Together, Carlos and the team of doctors of Prisma Dental decided the optimal treatment for him. Nervous but excited for the positive change, Carlos accepted the treatment plan and the doctors did their magic. Carlos had [...]

Simple facts about Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition that triggers specific points in the muscle and skeletal system causing severe pain and fatigue. It can have a large impact in dental care, 9 out of 10 cases of fibromyalgia experience some type of jaw pain. Trigger points in the face may constrict facial muscles and alter the bite or the closure of the jaw. The malocclusion (bad alignment of the teeth) may also cause painful trigger points in the facial muscles. Fibromyalgia is [...]

Dental care throughout the ages

Our dental issues transition, as we get older. At our youth, we used to worry about brushing our teeth properly and flossing to avoid cavities just like our dentist and parents warned us if we didn’t. As seniors or elders the problems differ, gums get the spotlight, cavities still are considered a problem but not as severe and issues related to dentures, bridges, and tooth wear down appear. Physiologically, the gums recede and increase the risk of root [...]