Monthly Archives - June 2015

A wonderful Thank You note from Jill R.

¨Dear Telma,                 Thank you so much for all the amazing work you did on my teeth. They healed up amazingly and the crowns have been amazing like having new teeth. All your tireless devotion to what you do has been such blessing to all of our people. Thank you so much for helping us. It was so nice talking to you that day at Jaco Beach and spending that day w/ you and your husband.                                                                                               I love you,   Jill. [...]

A beautiful review for Dr. Nadine Cordero

Absolutely, Dr Nadine Cordero met me at nine AM Monday, right as I arrived. Despite being nervous, I knew that Prisma Dental was the place to be right away. I needed two crowns done as well as a root canal with crown. Dentist in Florida after examination said I needed TWO crowns, no mention of root canal(or potential additional cost). Dr Cordero went right to work, expertly taking care of my dental woes. At the end of that day, [...]