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How can I possibly put into words what Prisma and the amazing doctors and staff have done for my smile, and my health? I am forever grateful for the outstanding work, the precise attention to detail, the genuine care you bring to the chair, and the glorious result you have bestowed on my smile. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


¨My experience at Prisma Dental has been wonderful. From the Initial setting up of the appointment to the surgical phase, all of the staff have been accomodating, helpful, and informative. I am looking forward to having the last phase complete with the knowledge that Prisma Dental will provide me with excellent care and attention.¨

David H.

¨An amazing experience. Very professional and friendly. All the staff make you feel very welcomed. Dr. Carolina Nuñez is exceptional. Her attention to detail is very impressive. My teeth were a mess and she prepared everything in a short time. I will tell everyone about this wonderful dental clinic - Thank you! #KeyWestExtremeAdventur!!!¨

Betty B.

¨OMG I still can´t believe I am not in any pain. Dr. Joe & Telma are the absolute best in this business. I am so grateful for their services, it will change my life dramatically forever! May God continue to bless the both of you to be blessings. Giving someone their smile :) is the greatest gift of all. Love you Guys! Thank you so much, I will tell the world! Beautiful people!!¨

Dental consequences caused by Bulimia

Studies state that over 4.7 million women and 1.5 million men suffer from bulimia nervosa eating disorder during their lifetime. These disorders cause a lot of damage to our teeth. The continual acid exposure from the stomach from the constant vomiting can create many dental problems and symptoms, such as the ones listed below: Enamel erosion of your teeth Increase in cavity development Painful and bleeding gums Dry mouth Broken, cracked teeth Missing teeth Chewing difficulties And many others… After the patient has obtained help to eliminate the [...]

Teeth destruction caused by drug addiction

In general, drug consumption causes many health issues that can affect, not only those who use it, but their family as well. The main drugs that affect our teeth the most are: Cannabis or Marihuana: The biggest problem this drug causes in our mouth is periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis. This disease affects the tissues that offer support to the teeth, which are the gums and bone around the area. It creates general decay, and, in severe cases, the patients lose [...]