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A Detailed Look at Composite Fillings

A composite or resin filling is made of a mixture of plastic and glass.

It is used to restore teeth with decay, as well as to improve the look of your smile. This can be done by reshaping disfigured teeth and by changing the color of the teeth.

The process of having your fillings placed involves a thorough cleaning of the tooth, all decay is eliminated and then the dentist will proceed to place the resin. In the process of placing the resin, a light in the form of a wand is used in order to effectively solidify and harden the resin. Once it is placed and shaped in the tooth, the dentist will proceed to polish away any ridges or rough edges.

One of the main advantages of a composite filling is the natural look. This is possible because the color can be chosen to match that of natural teeth. The filling will also strengthen the whole structure of the tooth, especially if decay is extensive. It can also provide insulation for teeth and thus can prevent sensitivity with abrupt changes in temperatures.

Composite fillings have become a great option for those who want to change their silver fillings; however there are also points to be aware of.

Composite fillings might change in color, especially when exposed to coffee, tea or cigarettes. Large cavities might need to be changed more frequently than the silver ones, because of the pressure that is exerted on them and the natural wear and tear of the filling.

During routine checkups, dentists will check the state of fillings and will recommend if it is necessary to change them. If you have silver fillings and want to change them for cosmetic reasons, a consult with your dentist can help you make the best decision for your oral health.

By: Prisma Dental

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A Detailed Look At Composite Fillings
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