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A device that can help stop snoring – Therasnore

 Snoring is caused by the obstruction or narrowing of the airways while sleeping. The vibration on the uvula and soft palate when breathing causes the sound of what is known as snoring, which can be either mild or very loud in some cases.

A person that suffers from snoring can develop serious conditions associated to sleep deprivation, such as the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition to this, it is no secret that loud snoring can be irritating for individuals that have to coexist with those who suffer from the condition, causing social and psychological affliction to both parties.

Reducing or removing the possible causes of throat obstruction can help treat the condition. Depending on each person´s specific case, weight loss for heavier individuals, quitting smoking, and sleeping on a side instead of on the back side, can be some of the options recommended by a doctor to help stop snoring.

Therasnore is a device that can help reduce or stop snoring. It works by creating a free and unobstructed space between the upper and lower teeth that prevent the lower jaw from falling back. Without the possibility of the airways being blocked, the vibrating sounds of snoring are not created.

The device is custom made for each person by a dentist. Therasnore can be performed at the dental clinic in only one appointment, and the person would only have to come for adjustment of the device if necessary.


For any questions about the Therasnore device you can contact us at or to our phone numbers: (506) 2291-5151 in Costa Rica or toll free at 866-741-8194 in United States.



A Device That Can Help Stop Snoring – Therasnore
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