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A Healthy Mouth in Six Simple Steps

Prisma Dental has made it their mission to provide easy and simple tips to support your oral health.

Give up cigarette:

We all know that tobacco is not beneficial to overall health for it can lead to lung cancer.  In regards to your oral health; the chemicals in tobacco can lead to oral cancer.  Aesthetically nicotine and tar do not contribute to make your smile more attractive either; they will turn your teeth into an unpleasant shade of yellow.  Smoking will also contribute to create the perfect environment for plaque and bacteria to collect on your teeth along the gum line which can eventually eat away at your gums.

Skip the sugar:

Nowadays practically everything contains sugar, it comes in most drinks, pastries and the list goes on. Sugar is the main culprit for tooth decay; it creates an acidic environment in your mouth and in-between your teeth which will promote the outgrowth of cavity-forming bacteria.

Flossing like a pro:

Flossing is not only necessary; it should be included into your oral health routine at least once a day to make sure that your gums remain healthy.  Do note however that proper flossing has a technique which is simple to master.  Flossing can also go wrong; in those cases you can damage your gum line by exerting too much pressure and friction.

Conquer your fear to visit the dentist:

You are not alone, it has been reported that 50% of adult Americans do not visit a dentist every year for reasons such as phobia and tight budget among others.  Dentists have the image of torturers deeply ingrained into our subconscious minds and this is very far from the truth.  Dentists are professionals who dedicate their expertise and talents to make sure your life is enhanced by cooperating in your oral health.  The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist at least twice a year for checkups.

Choose the perfect toothbrush:

The best toothbrush is one with soft bristles; nowadays there are great varieties to choose from.  If you use your toothbrush with the correct technique it should last up to three months.  Once you notice it has bent bristles it is time to replace, however do not wait until all bristles are bent before you do so.

Professional care at every age:

Visiting a dentist is important for everyone at every age, including toddlers and older adults.

A Healthy Mouth In Six Simple Steps
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