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A High Definition View of Your Mouth

Technology has made a huge leap in all areas making our lives so much more comfortable and convenient.

In the medical field, surgeries are now possible with minor incisions thanks to HD cameras. Dentistry has also come a long way and now the whole experience of visiting your dentist to have your teeth checked has been positively impacted by technology, with hi-tech devices spotting tooth decay with precision.

One of the technological implementations we will be talking about is the intraoral camera, a device which has made having a high definition view of your mouth much easier.

Intraoral Cameras
The first intraoral camera was developed in 1987, it is the shape of a wand and it can efficiently transmit a magnified picture of the patient´s mouth onto a screen. The intraoral camera allows both the patient and the dentist to have a clear view of each and every one of the components of the mouth and can easily see receding gums, fractured teeth and the state of their fillings in case they might need restoration.

Intraoral cameras have also made pediatric dental care more interesting for kids, it has allowed them to become more engaged in the whole process. When kids are being shown what the world inside their mouth looks like and are guided step by step through their revision with the help of intraoral cameras, they are more relaxed and can actually participate and learn interactively.

Many kids once they see the images of their mouth or treatment area and are given pictures to take home become so excited that they even show them off to friends and family and even look forward to future visits with the dentist.

Pictures taken with intraoral cameras are excellent tools which dentists can use to better diagnose and treat patients. These pictures can also be used as valid documentation for insurance companies.

By: Prisma Dental

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A High Definition View Of Your Mouth
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