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Alkalize Your Way to Vibrant Health

For those of you who have been mindful about what you ingest as a way to maintain perfect health might have already started the journey to eat more foods that are alkaline-producing.

Many have claimed the benefits of this type of diet. The whole idea is to ingest more of the foods that are deemed as alkaline-producing so that the body will not be storing much of the acidic by-product of foods that we have been bombarded with since the industrial revolution.

Just to give you an idea, alkaline-producing foods include: radishes (white,black,red), beets, carrots, turnip, horseradish, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, turnip greens, spinach, garlic, cayenne pepper, amongst others. Toss a couple of these ingredients into your salad, or add them to your favorite stir-fry and you are on your way to healthier life.

Acidic foods include sugar, coffee, meat, poultry and alcoholic drinks. For decades people have used this diet to loose weight, aid in recovery processes and maintain vibrant health.

Ingesting alkaline-producing foods can also improve your oral health too. Let us take a look at your mouth, a healthy mouth has a pH 7.0 (neutral) or above. If this pH drops to 6.5 tooth roots begin to dissolve.

Now if pH keeps on dropping and reaches 5.5, teeth are subject to erosion, discoloration and cavities. When the mouth is over pH 7.5(alkaline), teeth have the chance to re-mineralize and to become stronger. Although acid is the culprit for tooth decay, the time this acid is exposed to teeth is what causes continuous damage. Erosion and decay can only get worse if during the day you are sipping on sports drinks or carbonated drinks and nibbling on other acidic foods.

When your saliva´s pH is acidic cavities might spread uncontrollably, fillings might break, have gum sensitivity or recession despite your zealous efforts to have an impeccable oral health regime. A quick solution to balance mouth pH is to have gums or mints with Xylitol, your mouth will bounce back to a pH safe zone.

How can you actually maintain optimal mouth pH to encourage healthy teeth and gums?

Besides cutting down on sugar and avoiding foods that will fill your body with acidic by-products there are also lifestyle changes that will also improve your health such as proper sleep, stress management and exercise.

By: Prisma Dental

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Alkalize Your Way To Vibrant Health
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