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All on 4 Dental Implants; By Dr. Nadine Cordero

All on 4 is a term used to describe the procedure of placing a denture supported by four implants. Implant dentistry has had amazing advances, and our team at Prisma Dental has not been left behind. With All on 4 treatment can restore the smile and function of teeth. Prisma Dental offers All-on-4 treatment for patients wearing dentures, have a mouthful of missing or falling teeth.

What best describes All on 4? Stability! Four implants is the minimum required for stability, like a table or a chair. Dentures are supported by the implants so they don’t dance around the mouth while chewing or talking. All-on-4 gives the patient the opportunity to recover lost teeth without the worry of dentures moving while eating, falling while talking or getting lost when removed at night.

All on 4 is a same day procedure meaning that implants and the denture are both placed in the same appointment. Our implant expert does the surgery, which takes around 2 hours. Studies published show a 98% rate of success. Dentures are made in our on-site lab. Internationally trained doctors and certified technicians do every thing, all under the same roof. Patients leave the clinic with a new smile.

Benefits of All on 4:

  • Stability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Do not need adhesives
  • Help restore facial features
  • Require less bone volume than standard dentures and prevent bone deterioration
  • Give a brilliant new, confident smile that can last a lifetime

All-on-4 uses four implants per arch whereas traditional implants use around six to eight implants in each arch. The implants for All-on-4 are placed at an angle to increase the contact of the implant with the natural bone. Most patients do not require bone grafting, which is a common additional procedure needed in traditional implants. Not only do All on 4 eliminate discomfort but also saves money and time.

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