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An On-Site Lab Can Make a Whole World of Difference

Sixteen years ago, Doctors Cordero & Rubinstein had the vision to build an On-Site Lab in order to offer their patients prompt dental work with the best craftsmanship of master dental technicians.

This decision has differentiated them from their peers. The pros of having an on-site lab are plenty.

Usually, when you have an appointment to have dental work that might require crowns, bridges, prosthesis, retainers, zirconium crowns, implant abutments, custom made posts, dentures, bleaching trays and mouth guards you might need various appointments.

Various visits are necessary over a period of time since your dentist will send your impressions to a dental lab where they will be the ones in charge of the fabrication of your specific device.

These dental labs produce for many clinics and will have your specific case in line, they will send the piece or pieces to the dentist to try it on you and if amendments are necessary they will have to be sent to the lab again. When an outside lab is part of the process, there are chances of errors in workmanship.

By innovating and incorporating an on-site laboratory, the communication between doctors and the laboratory is swift, direct and prompt. A process which would normally take months can be optimized and conclude in matter of days.

At Prisma, we understand that your time is valuable and our on-site lab serves our doctors and our patients exclusively. Our team of highly talented technicians uses only the finest materials and top-edge technology and equipment to create a smile that is functional and aesthetic.

You also participle in the creation of your new smile, technicians are able to offer their input and expertise chair-side as “smile design” decisions (such as color matching, tooth shapes and tooth positions, which affect the appearance of the lips and the face) are made between the doctor, the patient and the technician.

For us your smile is unique and having a world-class technician to design your new smile is part of the Prisma Dental philosophy of catering to your specific and unique needs.

By: Prisma Dental

For any questions about our dental services you can contact us at or to our phone numbers: (506) 2291-5151 in Costa Rica or toll free at 866-741-8194 in United States.

An On-Site Lab Can Make A Whole World Of Difference
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