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Are Zirconium Dental Crowns right for You ?

Zirconium is the latest advance in dental crowns. More durable than porcelain and more natural in appearance than gold, this latest innovation gives patients the desired look of real teeth with less breakage than traditional porcelain crowns.

Because zirconium is harder than both gold and porcelain, it is more robust and long lasting. It can stand up to years of continuous use due to the strength and versatility of this metallic compound. Though it is a strong metal, it has a translucent appearance that appears natural, even when placed side by side with a natural tooth.

The zirconium is crafted into the perfect shaped tooth for your mouth, so that it will look even better than the tooth it is replacing. Yet it will also be unidentifiable to most people as a crown, rather than a tooth of your own.

Zirconium crowns are strong enough for use anywhere in the mouth. They can withstand the pressure of front teeth when used for biting into food, and will not break or wear if used on the back teeth of someone who grinds their teeth.

While porcelain has long been the traditionally accepted crown material, zirconium is quickly replacing it as the preferred choice of top dentists. For aesthetically pleasing, dependable crowns for your teeth, zirconium is the ideal option.

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