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Believe It Or Not – Common Dental Practices

There are common practices which we have not only seen but have also practiced during the years that are detrimental for your teeth.

After reading this article we hope you will never open a bottle with your teeth.

Using your teeth as a tool
Has it ever happened to you that you had your hands full and the only thing that could help you with the bag on your hand so that you could fetch the keys was your mouth? It turns out that using our teeth as a tool is widely common; people use their teeth to open plastic bags, open jars and even beers and soda cans. These practices can produce dental accidents since force is applied on specific teeth when they are used as a tool. The mechanism of teeth is to work in a group, that way the force distribution is evenly spread and each tooth takes on less stress. This does not happen when you are using your front teeth to open a soda can, thus the chance of breaking or chipping a tooth is higher.

Back to Basics
There are kids who were never taught how to brush their teeth until they were at school age. There are also adults who only brush once a day. Practicing proper home care and understanding correctly instructions on how to brush teeth and floss is important at every age and for everyone.

Happy Hour
Alcohol is broken down into sugar; usually people enjoy alcoholic drinks without much thought. But did you know that alcohol can also create erosion and damage teeth.

Dental Hygiene on the Go
Long working hours and travel can disrupt the way you care for your teeth. Make sure you always bring an extra toothbrush and toothpaste so that wherever you go you will be able to brush.

By: Prisma Dental

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Believe It Or Not – Common Dental Practices
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