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Benefits of Photon Diode Laser for periodontal therapy treatment

Photon diode lasers have become an important tool for treating periodontal problems due to its easy use as well as its therapeutic properties.

Periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis, is a chronic inflammatory illness caused by a bacterial infection present on the surface of the affected root as well as the adjacent soft tissues.

What is the advantage of lasers on periodontitis treatments?

The lasers energy is transferred through a very thin fiber allowing it to easily penetrate tissue as well as periodontal pockets releasing its therapeutic action.

The main advantage of diode laser treatment is the increased absorption by melamine, hemoglobin and other cells present in periodontal disease. The diode is specifically directed to the inflamed tissues to release its therapeutic effect and to eliminate diseased tissues, facilitating incision, homeostasis and coagulation; giving as a result a non-bleeding treatment, no inflammation and minimal post-operation scaring.

Another advantage of photon diode is its bactericidal action which eliminates pathogenic germs so efficiently that it reduces the need to provide systemic and local antibiotics preventing allergies as well as long-term antibiotic resistance.

Benefits Of Photon Diode Laser For Periodontal Therapy Treatment
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