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Beware of Biting More than What You Can Chew

Many of us live hectic lives packed with a schedule and appointments that allow little or no time to enjoy our meals.

We also eat out of the box too many times per week and many of us chew more food than it is naturally comfortable for our mouths.

Chewing food properly is the natural way that your body can make most of the nutrients available at a meal. The simple and mechanical process of chewing breaks down the particles of food into smaller particles so that your intestines can absorb the nutrients easier when they pass through.

Mastication is the first process of assimilation of food and when done properly it can effectively ensure your overall health. It has also been found that taking the time to enjoy food will also allow you to gain a greater sense satisfaction thus lowering your stress levels.

Chew size is important, taking bites that are too big to chew comfortably will not only affect the whole mastication process but it will also impact your jaw and teeth. According to the Academy of General Dentistry taking bites that are too big for good can affect people with TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder. People with TMD need to take extra care in avoiding opening their mouths too wide.

In a world of super-sized food everywhere you turn your head, taking care of your bite size might seem unnatural but for those with TMD this will be necessary as it can aggravate their condition.

How to know which is the perfect bite size for you? A good point of reference is your comfort. If you need to open your mouth more than what you feel comfortable with in order to bite, then the piece of food is too big for you.

Try cutting the piece of food into smaller portions. Happy Meal!

By: Prisma Dental

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Beware Of Biting More Than What You Can Chew
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