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Beware of Inflammation With Dental Implants

What is peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis?

If you had natural teeth, this would be called gingivitis and periodontitis but for those who have dental implants these terms are used to describe the situation when bacteria sticks to your implants.

Peri-mucositis describes the early stages of inflammation with no bone loss and peri-implantitis is when bacteria has caused acute inflammation and bone loss.

For a person with dental implants going for regular checkups (once every three months) is crucial for the maintenance of implants. One of the most important points that your clinician will be looking for is if you have any type of infection or mobility in the implant. The reason why your visits need to be shorter is because peri-implant infections can progress at a faster pace than on natural teeth.

Just think about it, besides flossing and using a good mouthwash you have no way to clean the sides of the abutment of your implant. When an infection is discovered early on, it can be kept at bay with various techniques, peri-mucositis is easily reversible.

Your dental hygienist may ask you to visit more frequently, may send you home with antibiotics, request a radiograph or might even refer you for the evaluation of a specialist.

To the untrained eye, sometimes it is quite daunting to determine if there is anything wrong with your implants and if there is any calculus there, not to mention if you have inflammation or not.

Nowadays every time that you go for a monitoring of your dental implants intra oral cameras might also be used, these will later on allow you to see the changes that you have experienced and can easily allow you to observe how your gums look when they are healthy and when there is inflammation.

As with your natural teeth, effective oral health is key to maintain your teeth, albeit false in top shape.

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By: Prisma Dental

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Beware Of Inflammation With Dental Implants
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