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Beyond Aesthetics

Flashing a new smile is more than just being picture perfect, an interesting new research shows that around 9.7 million of people in England with bad teeth think that it has a negative impact in their lives.

This figure represents approximately 70% of the 14 million who report to have bad teeth, and it represents a third of the whole population.

These are major numbers, and what is even more mind boggling is that one third of the population is subject to the many effects that poor dental hygiene can have in mental and physical wellbeing.

Because of bad teeth, 2.1 million are in a state of depression and it is enough to make 400,000 people less likely to leave their homes. One million believe that their love life has been affected and 1.4 million do not speak as much as they would like to.

This research clearly shows with impressive statistics that your dental health and aesthetics does not only affect your teeth, physical and mental wellbeing, it affects how you behave socially.

Speech is also affected and in turn this will also have an impact on all interactions, bad teeth can make a person slur or can even make pronunciation difficult. Speaking confidently is important in all areas of life and it might even be essential for job positions.

How would it feel to wake up one day and know that you have all the academic background and experience to apply for the job you deserve but the only thing that is stopping you is the way you feel about your smile?

How would your world change if you felt confident enough to walk up to that special person and have the courage to smile to him or her without worrying about your teeth?

Solutions to improve your smile abound, and with all the current technological advances, now more than ever you can have the smile you always wanted and start living life to the fullest.

By: Prisma Dental

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Beyond Aesthetics
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