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Biocompatible Fillings

If you suspect that you are allergic to mercury and decide to have your fillings removed, will that be the end of the story?

So what are some of the important considerations you need to take when you decide to finally get rid of your amalgam fillings? It all starts with visiting your dentist to have a good overview of the state of all your fillings. If there are amalgam fillings that cover a relatively large part of a tooth, your dentist might need to replace that filling with an inlay or onlay instead of just a composite resin filling.

You see, one of the main reasons why amalgam fillings have been used for over a century is because the material is very sturdy and it can withstand the pressure exerted on them.

Also since it is very malleable (mercury is found in a liquid state) it is very easy to pour the amalgam filling in the open spaces of teeth and fill them up. Another reason why this material is still being used is because it is cheaper and it is still used in the public health sector in many countries.

Although composite resin fillings are not as hard as amalgam since they are made of a mixture of glass and plastic, they are certainly more aesthetic since their color matches that of natural teeth and they can still last a couple of decades when they are well cared for. The material will be introduced in the cavity of your teeth by layers, in each layer a light will be used to harden it.

At Prisma Dental, we are advocates of biocompatible materials, we know that whatever goes into your mouth will have a long term effect in your health and wellbeing.

We have been using composite resin fillings for years, even before the World Health Organization pronounced its final verdict on the impact of silver fillings on health. Whether you are planning to have your fillings replaced for aesthetic or health reasons, give us a call, we will make sure you receive all the information you need in order to make a sound decision. Our affordable and fair prices will certainly make that decision easier too.

For more on composite fillings: A Detailed look at Composite Fillings

By: Prisma Dental

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Biocompatible Fillings
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