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Captek™ Crowns – Perfect Fusion Between Technology and Beauty

The Captek™ Crown is the result of over thirty years of research by an internationally renowned Prosthodontist and world-class dental technician with a passion for innovation.

The purpose was to develop a crown that would make the lives of patients easier, that would withstand the test of time and mastication pressure and would also encourage healthy gums.

This crown is considered to be a scientific breakthrough since the crowns are not only long-lasting, but also support the wellbeing of your gums.

Captek™ is a crown that mimics and surpasses natural teeth in esthetic and function. The basis for Captek™esthetics is duplicating the color of the inner structures of a natural tooth, the pulp and dentin. Captek™ structural basis is a strong, shock absorbing and biocompatible internal structure for a crown.

The unique, advanced nano technology of gold composites provide the desired color background as well as a complex mechanism that protects natural teeth and implants as well as the porcelain of the crown.

What is the secret alloy of Captek Crowns? Pure Gold.

Gold has been used for dental restorations for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians. Captek™ technology uses the advantages of high-purity gold to make durable, accurate crowns and bridges that are resistant to bacteria and plaque.

Gold is a composite which is highly biocompatible with no base metal and oxides, it provides protection from harmful bacteria.

Patients will now be able to feel safe as these state-of-art crowns will also allow them to have a perfect and attractive smile, it is the perfect fusion between technology and beauty.

At Prisma Dental we share the vision of Captek™, as we always strive to give our patients the best dental solutions in the market. We have a long history of offering state-of-art technology in all our procedures and we proudly offer Captek™ to our patients.

Contact Prisma today, to benefit from these revolutionary crowns.

By: Prisma Dental

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Captek™ Crowns – Perfect Fusion Between Technology And Beauty
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