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Carlos at Prisma Dental

Carlos came all the way from Paraguay to fix his teeth at Prisma Dental and was treated to cake and birthday celebrations for doctor Nadine all at the same time!

It all started with a panoramic X-ray and a thorough diagnosis in a unique case. Together, Carlos and the team of doctors of Prisma Dental decided the optimal treatment for him.

Nervous but excited for the positive change, Carlos accepted the treatment plan and the doctors did their magic.

Carlos had his entire lower arch fixed at Prisma last year; he came in happy, fascinated and enthusiastic this year to do his upper arch.

He now has 5 root canals with posts and 13 individual crowns in the upper arch, and on the lower arch he now has 10 root canals with posts and 13 individual crowns. Altogether in magnificent harmony make his new beautiful and functional smile.

It was not an easy case, not only because of the amount of work needed to be done but also because of Carlos’ collapse maxillae which caused him crooked teeth. By fixing his teeth, the Prisma team not only improved his esthetic smile but also eliminated all infection and risks, and recovered the masticatory function of his teeth.

Such a wonderful patient! It was our pleasure seeing Carlos in the clinic again and sharing cake.

Carlos after dental procedure

Carlos before dental procedure

By: Prisma Dental

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Carlos At Prisma Dental
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