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Chewing Your Way to Perfect Health

You might have Heard that the perfect number of times to chew food is 100, this is because the late health guru from the 1800’s attributed his good health , strength and endurance due to this practice.

In order to make most of properly chewing your food you do not need to be this strict since the amount of chewing that a certain type of food requires will intrinsically depend on the texture.

It is highly recommended that you eat in a relaxed environment, eating while you are short of time or while watching TV will not allow you to focus on your intent to chew food properly.

Bite size is important, biting more than what you can chew can further affect those with TMJ. The rule of thumb here is to chew smaller morsels.

  • Chew slowly and at a steady pace.
  • Continue to chew until your food has lost its texture or is liquefied.
  • Do not take another bite of food until you have finished what you are chewing and have swallowed it completely.
  • Do not drink fluids to wash down your food, drink only after you have swallowed.

Besides the health benefits of chewing your food into a paste that is easily digested chewing food slowly, steadily and as it should be can give you:


When you take time to chew your food, you slow down and savor every bite, suddenly your complete focus is in your taste buds and how good it feels to be able to experience every flavor in your meal.

Healthy Mouth

The bones that hold your teeth are stimulated during the mastication process and as in a workout the more you use them properly the stronger they get. Also chewing releases saliva, a great ally in maintaining caries at bay. The more you chew, the enzymes present in saliva start to interact with your food and starts to break down all the nutrients so that they can be easily absorbed.

Ideal Weight

Research shows that it takes the brain approximately 20 minutes in order to signal your stomach that it is already full. If you start chewing twice as much as you normally do you will be taking more time to consume your meal, eventually you will feel full with less amount of food and thus less calories are ingested as well.

By: Prisma Dental

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Chewing Your Way To Perfect Health
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