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Cosmetic Soft Tissue Grafting, also known as “Gum Grafts”

What make teeth esthetic is not only the teeth itself but also the gum surrounding them.

Gum recession is a shift of the gingival margin towards the root of the tooth. This shifting of the gum exposes the root or implant surface.

Gum recession may occur for many reasons:

Aggressive tooth brushing.

Periodontal disease.

Bad bite.

Smoking, and much more.

Our solution to this is a gum graft or periodontic plastic surgery.

It’s a procedure aimed to cover an area exposed of a tooth root or implant surface. Its main objectives are to:

Prevent further exposure of the implant or root.

Decrease or eliminate sensitivity.

Decrease the probability of root cavities.

Prevent periimplatitis (periodontitis but on implant surfaces).

And improve the esthetic look of the gum.

In 2010, Dr. Telma Rubinstein assisted a training seminar for gum grafting in Baltimore, Maryland. Since her college years, she has always had a fascination in periodontic treatments.

In 2012, The Costarican Times published an article of Gum Grafting here at Prisma Dental. For more information about gum grafting and this article, visit their link: Costa Rican Times

By: Prisma Dental

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Cosmetic Soft Tissue Grafting, Also Known As “Gum Grafts”
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