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Costa Rican Ways for a Change

Costa Rica is not considered “paradise” only because of its exotic beaches and incredibly diverse flora and wildlife species, it is also a paradise to re-learn healthy habits and a space for contemplation and even insight.

Today we will share some of the most interesting habits that have been highly praised by foreigners when they visit Costa Rica, this note is based on the many impressions tourists have of our country, lifestyle and even our way of being.

Hospitality is our main asset
Ticos are naturally generous, well-mannered and if there is anything you need, we will usually do everything we can to help.

Time is relative
One of the most common comments from foreigners is the way we deal with stress. Stress? We simply shrug stress off. You will notice how people take their time to walk, talk and savor a cup a coffee with friends and chill over beer and so on. Taking it easy is the rule of thumb.

Tourists love to visit our local market where they can see the wide variety of products that are fresh, real and incredibly affordable. Packed and frozen food is still not the norm for most Costa Ricans and when you visit, you will surely know that every bite is full of goodness since it is fresh and made from scratch.

Staying Positive
Yes, Costa Rica is not perfect and even in the midst of every challenge, Costa Ricans stay positive by appreciating and being grateful for what they have. In fact, one of the most widely used phrases is: “Thanks God!”

The Holistic Point of View
Spas will never be the same, body-mind wellness has taken to a whole new level and they are aiming to provide wellness from the inside out. Currently you will find a couple of holistic therapies being implemented in the spas including aromatherapy, acupressure, cranial-sacral rebalancing, rebirthing and much, much more. Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular and thousands of tourists enroll in yoga courses every year. There is a magical effect of practicing yoga in the midst of nature that is simply alluring.

Essential Living
In comparison to developed countries the average Costa Rican will never earn one million dollars in a whole lifetime, and might never reach a certain social status. However that does not deter us from going to work with a smile on our face, enjoying time with friends and family and becoming better at our craft every day.

By: Prisma Dental

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Costa Rican Ways For A Change
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