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Crowns in a day

Here at Prisma Dental we have our on-site lab where we can create full porcelain crowns within 24 to 48 hours. By using the newest technology like CAD/CAM, we can have your crowns in the least amount of time possible, always with the highest quality.

The on-site location of our dental lab allows us to maintain the highest quality, precision, aesthetics, and meticulous supervision of all lab work. At Prisma’s Lab we ensure the promptness of all dental work, without sacrificing quality.

Our technicians have been perfecting with time the use of this new technology in order to give our patients their finished crowns and completed work in the least amount of time possible, as we know that, your time is valuable and as they say, ¨time is money¨.

The completion of these one day crowns depends on availability of the technicians and materials, as there are many variations available as far as color, metal, etcetera. However, we maintain suitable amount of stock and inventory as well as an open mind in order to be able to complete lab work as it comes. We apply a first come first serve protocol at our lab, and try to do as much as possible to create everything in the least amount of time while always maintaining our high quality standards.

Crowns In A Day
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