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Dental Braces – Orthodontics Services

When we think of braces the picture of teenagers growing up flashing a metallic smile might immediately pop up. We all have the idea that braces are the traditional metal brackets with color bands, which are changed every month.

Nowadays, braces are definitely not for teenagers only. In fact, looking at the orthodontics trends, you will now see that now they are smaller, might not even use rubber bands, are made of a variety materials and are designed in such a way that adults will also be encouraged to use them. Some braces are barely visible and will have a low impact on your life-style.

Orthodontics goes beyond being able to flash a perfect smile, it is a procedure which will help you not only to straighten your teeth but it will also better position them in order to improve a person´s bite. Braces can correct poor occlusions, overbites, underbites and cross bites. At Prisma Dental we offer both dental braces and the revolutionary Invisalign as part of our Orthodontic services.

Before braces are placed, there is an orthodontic study that has to be performed. This study will include a clinical exam, taking photos of the patient, a panoramic x-ray, cephalometic x-ray and study of molds. These studies will provide the specialist with all the information he/she needs to ensure that their procedure is performed successfully.

The time that the patient will have to spend with the braces on depends on many factors such as age, the type of braces that will be used and the way the teeth accommodate to the pressure exerted by the braces. All of these will be addressed by your orthodontist at Prisma Dental who will be happy to explain to you the procedures in further detail.

Being able to flash a beautiful smile and improve your bite giving you the confidence to put your best smile forward, has never been so easy and accessible!

Feel free to fill-up our Pre-consultation form, for further inquiries and information.

By: Prisma Dental

For any questions about our Orthodontics Services you can contact us at or to our phone numbers: (506) 2291-5151 in Costa Rica or toll free at 866-741-8194 in United States.

Dental Braces – Orthodontics Services
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