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Dental Implants at Prisma Dental in Costa Rica

Prisma Dental in Costa Rica is among the leading facilities in the world for dental implants, and has been performing implants and refining and updating technique and materials since the development of the modern implant in the 1980s.

At this point in time, our dentists recommend and perform two-stage implants as providing the best long term results. We urge all patients who are considering dental implants to replace damaged, decaying or lost teeth, or as part of a full-mouth reconstruction, to consider their options carefully.

The following is a good overview by the staff at Dental Health Magazine:

Dental Implants: Beauty & Comfort Combined!

When you get to a certain age, you start loosing your teeth or some of your teeth and all you can think about is how to go back to that beautiful smile you had a few years back. Well, if this is your case, you might want to read some more about dental implants and what they can do for you and your old smile.

The reason why you don’t have to ask yourself what to do about your missing teeth any more is that now there are dental implants that can fit anybody. Also, it is not only for older people. Implants can help people that have been injured or have been in an accident or might just lose a tooth or several teeth.

Implants are placed with an artificial tooth root in to the jawbone giving a substitute for the missing teeth by using a titanium metal screw that is compatible with the human body.

After the implants are placed, the bone will osseo-integrate. This process usually takes approximately 6 to 8 months. Once the implant is healed and the bone graft has solidified, the crown or bridgework can be attached to the titanium metal screw via an attachment. When the crowns or bridgework is installed, it will appear as a natural tooth.

Not only do the implants need to be comfortable but they need to look and feel good. Also, it always helps your self esteem if you have a wonderful bright smile that after certain age might require dental implants.

The dental implant reduces pain in the gum tissue, it will not decay, they improve speech and reduce discomfort, the implants stop the process of jawbone shrinking when the root isn’t replaced, and they won’t affect neighboring teeth which means that more of your teeth will remain unharmed.

Some of the conveniences of the dental implant treatments include eating with comfort and confidence as well as speaking freely. The dental implants will not wobble are nothing like the dentures which are not stable and uncomfortable. A dental implant allows a person to speak clearly because the person won’t have dentures to slip and cause the person to mumble or slur the person’s words, also the patient can chew and taste food like regular teeth because the pallet is open.

The most important information regarding the implant treatments are that they require the utmost care just like any other dental procedure. Although there are many of advantages of the dental implant, it should be remembered that these procedures are very precise and only a professional and trusted implantologist should perform these treatments.

by Dental Health Magazine Staff.

Dental Implants At Prisma Dental In Costa Rica
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