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Considering dental implants?

Are you considering dental implants? Teeth need to be extracted for common problems such as periodontists, cavities and/or trauma. What’s next? The idea of being toothless is horrifying for most of us and never desired. But when a tooth is hopeless, alternatives must be taken into account to recover function and esthetic. 
We offer our patients all the alternatives for tooth replacements. In the last 20 years, dental implants have reached the top of the list for most cases. Why? Because it has a high (95%) success rate, it looks and feels just like natural teeth. It sounds like a dream come true!
Downsides? There is always the risk of failure of the implant. Small cons compared to all the pros of restoring a tooth without compromising the neighboring teeth or the bother of removal dentures. Dental implants have made their way to the top of list of most demanded procedures. Studies have shown that with good oral home-care, and yearly follow-ups implants may last decades, like any other dental procedure. We tell our patients that success goes hand in hand with hygiene and care; full mouth restorationsveneerscrownsroot canals, and so on. Home-care is key for longevity of treatments. We worry for every patient, part of our plan is to teach our patients for treatments to last and live up to desires.  Always brush your teeth after every meal, floss and if possible use a WaterPik or WaterFloss. This system helps clean small gaps, tiny spaces that are unreachable by the toothbrush and floss.
We have placed more than 5000 successful dental implants in Prisma Dental. We care about our patients and the treatments we provide.
We would like you to know more about our dentists and also our other services.

Considering Dental Implants?
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