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A Prisma Patient Offers a Dental Tourism Guide

Many of our patients over the years have also become our friends. One of those is Tye Roy from North Carolina, a professional in the management of non-profit organizations, a retired anthropologist, a sailor, a world traveler … and long-time dental tourist who loves Costa Rica.

Tye recently posted a great summary of her dental travel history that is a must-read for anyone considering going overseas for major dental care. It’s not that long and represents a terrific overview by someone who has “been there and done that” … starting back in 1993, when the crown on one of her molars broke when she was off the coast of Nicaragua somewhere.

She ended up having her tooth fixed in Costa Rica. Later, when she needed more substantial dental work, she again sought a dentist in Costa Rica, which brought her to us.

“… Thanks to the Internet, which had matured in the years since I’d crewed in international waters, I was able to conduct thorough research, making what I considered the best choice of dentist for the work I required (my old dentist was no longer in practice in San Jose).  My new dentist of choice was Dr. Telma Rubinstein, who works with her husband Dr. Josef Cordero at their clinic, Prisma Dental.  They specialize in cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants, & their office is the most complete & professional I have ever seen …”

Tye, swimming with the dolphins Thanks, Tye, and we look forward to seeing you again any time!

You can read the full article, Dental Tourism in Costa Rica, at Bucketlisting101

A Prisma Patient Offers A Dental Tourism Guide
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