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Do Dogs Need Braces?

Last week we posted some pictures of a cute dog coming over to our clinic for braces. Plenty of comments and questions revolved around if dogs really needed braces and there is much curiosity about this subject. This week we are more than pleased to answer all of those questions, we hope that you will find this information useful.

Having the company of a loyal four-legged friend has always been quite an easy and straightforward task: train the dog, provide food and water in a timely manner, take it to the veterinary, go for walks, give it proper baths from time to time, and that was practically it. Who would have known that taking care of your loyal friend´s dental health meant orthodontic treatment?

For some, taking a dog to check if their teeth are perfectly aligned or not might sound silly, however, there are valid medical reasons for this. Misaligned teeth can poke and even harm your puppy´s cheeks, gums or tongue, causing a great amount of pain and even infection. In some cases, teeth need to be pulled out; in other cases, using braces can be the best option and solution.

Unlike humans, orthodontic treatments for canines are not done for cosmetic reasons. Dogs use their teeth not only for chewing; to pick up and carry objects their teeth are as important as our hands are for us, for this reason a healthy bite is necessary for the wellbeing of a dog. When a dog suffers a painful mouth condition it can cause a substantial decrease in its quality of life.

There are different types of braces, depending on the needs of your canine. Some are simple and are limited only to a small area to guide a tooth or two. Some treatments, however, might look just like the typical set of braces for teenagers.

By: Prisma Dental

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Do Dogs Need Braces?
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