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Do You Know What Actually Lives in Your Mouth?

Have you ever stopped to think about what actually lives in your mouth?

The first answer that comes to mind is bacteria. And this answer is correct, but do you know how many types of bacteria there are?

If you had to compare the population of bacteria that resides in your mouth and that of the population on Earth, which country do you think your mouth would represent? Do you think that there is as many bacteria as the population of India, Africa or America?

The answer to all of these questions might be surprising; the truth is that scientists have discovered over seven hundred species of bacteria living in your mouth. Even if proper oral hygiene habits are practiced regularly, your mouth might still contain billions of different types of bacteria. The bacteria residing in a mouth that has not been brushed lately might contain even more bacteria than humans residing on planet Earth!

Bacteria reside in your mouth naturally, and they are part of an intricate ecosystem that exists in your mouth. Some bacteria however, might be harmful and might cause a series of conditions such as gingivitis as we have mentioned in earlier articles.

Although some bacteria are bad for your teeth and gums, there are others that are essential to maintain a healthy mouth. In fact, some helpful organisms in your mouth secrete substances that kill bad bacteria.

Most of the bacteria in your mouth are concentrated in plaque, which is a sticky film that causes tooth decay. A single tooth can host up to 500 million bacteria.

By: Prisma Dental

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Do You Know What Actually Lives In Your Mouth?
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