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Does Your Child’s Teeth Affect School Performance?

As loving parents, your child´s wellbeing is priority. There are many factors which comprise the word wellbeing, it includes health and nutrition, education, emotional wellbeing, mental stimulation, socializing with peers and so much more, including oral health.

A child´s oral health many times is not regarded as important when compared to other ares of a child´s development. And there is more and more information and research that points that it is critical for a child´s wellbeing and even school performance.

The Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC did a recent study and found a clear link between bad oral hygiene and poor school performance. The study comprised of 1,500 socioeconomically disadvantaged elementary and high school children in Los Angeles Unified School District. Researchers focused in measuring the impact that children´s oral health and dental disease could have in their attendance and also academic achievement.

The findings clearly show that children with tooth pain are four times more likely to have lower grades than those students that do not suffer from dental issues. Also children with dental issues miss up to three days more than students without dental problems.

Although we have a general idea about how children’s oral health might affect them, this research bluntly states how children´s oral health goes far beyond just comfort, aesthetics and self-esteem issues, it clearly affects their grades and their disposition to learn.

This research also points that the gap that there is for efficient dental care for children since they also found that there is a percentage of students in the study that did not have accessibility to health care plans.

So what can you, as a loving parent do?

The first step is to be informed and to give priority to your child´s oral care practices and start early. Many of the tooth maladies that develop during childhood are simply not necessary. Your child does not need to develop caries which will lead to toothache and will make him miss school, all of this can be prevented with good oral health practices. You can teach them to take care of their precious pearly whites early on.

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Does Your Child’s Teeth Affect School Performance?
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