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Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Your Needs?

For Prisma Dental, it is always hard to read articles like: “Why American dental insurance is so unspeakably awful”.

The above article describes the experience of Wendell Potter, a typical American woman who had a negative experience going to the dentist since childhood.

This led her to avoid going to the dentist as an adult unless it was extremely necessary and sometimes even extremely painful. Last fall an excruciating tooth pain forced her to go back to the dentist. It turned out that she was in dire need of an emergency root canal and would also need to have a tooth restoration and a dental crown.

But that was not all, later on her dentist discovered that another tooth had cracked and allowed decay to set in because of bruxism and another root canal was needed. That is when she started to worry; she had never used her dental insurance and did not know if she would be able to have these procedures.

Potter in her post ponders about how little Americans actually know about the coverage of their dental insurance. In her case she had the chance of getting to know all the nitty gritty of her own dental care plan only after her unwilling visit to the dentist.

She also points out that most Americans are not aware that the cost of dental care in the United States has risen faster than the cost of overall medical care. Yes, you might think you have a “decent” dental coverage but do you actually know what it covers?

In Potter’s case her dental coverage included two root canals per year, what she was unaware is that the cost of just one root canal plus the reconstruction of the tooth and the crown was already within a few hundred dollars of her insurance’s annual cap of $1500. Her insurance would not cover the second tooth which needed treatment, reconstruction and a crown too.

The reason why our team at Prisma Dental wakes up every morning with a big smile on our faces enthusiastic to meet our patients is because we know that there are over 130 million Americans without dental insurance.

We believe that they deserve to have access to world-class dental care at just a fraction of the price and we know we can help give them a hand. It is our intention to provide quality dental solutions that will allow you to enjoy life, to feel good and look good.

At Prisma Dental, this is possible, call us today and discover how truly affordable our procedures are.

To read the complete article about Wendell Potter’s experience click Here

By: Prisma Dental

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Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Your Needs?
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