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During Pregnancy Calcium Favors Mother and Child´s Oral Health

Women go through intense physical change during pregnancy, their body changes not only visually but also internally. With pregnancy there are health concerns regarding oral health which we will mention in this note.

The changes that occur related to eating habits and time, as well as the common morning sickness symptoms experienced by most women while they are pregnant, can become a risk factor for their oral health.

According to Telma Rubinstein, DDS at Prisma Dental there is a possibility to develop a small lesion in the gums which bleeds easily; this condition however, will most likely disappear once the baby is born.

In order to reduce the probabilities of further oral health complications, women should avoid eating sweets, canned juices, soft drinks with high doses of refined sugar and pastries. Frequent visits to the dentist for cleanings are highly recommended for pregnant women. By removing plaque and tartar, inflammation of the gums decreases. This process is both beneficial for mother and child.

Another recommendation is to consume enough calcium for the proper development of the baby’s teeth. By consuming enough calcium, the mother´s calcium storage in the bones will not be depleted in the process, thus ensuring her health as well. Foods such as skim milk, yogurt, cheese and fortified foods such as orange juice, cereals, and cookies are highly recommended.

“In regards to oral treatments, the use of nitrous oxide should be removed because it can encourage spontaneous abortions and premature births, women should not undergo teeth whitening procedures. If x-rays are necessary it is essential to place a lead apron over the abdomen, so as to protect and safeguard the normal growth and development of the fetus” recommends Dr. Rubinstein.

By: Prisma Dental

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During Pregnancy Calcium Favors Mother And Child´s Oral Health
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