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Elder Oral Care

During a general checkup at the dentist, elders might be subject not only to a different set of questions, but also to a different type of checkup, since the elder will present conditions proper to their age. We have learned in previous articles about the different concerns and the different types of questions that are asked. The checkup is done with these concerns in mind.

During the checkup, the face and the neck will be checked for skin discoloration, sores or moles. Your bite will be checked for any problems when the teeth come together and when your mouth opens and closes. The jaw will also be checked to ensure that there are no signs of clicking and popping in the Temporomandibular joint. The lymph nodes and salivary glands will be checked to ensure that there are no lumps or swelling. The inner cheeks will be checked to see if there are infections or ulcers. The tongue and other interior surfaces will also be checked for infection or oral cancer. And last but not least, your teeth will be checked for tooth decay and cracks. Also if there are any type of fillings, these will be checked. The checkup is very detailed and very important for elder oral health.

As for those who wear dentures, the dentist will check for any irritation around the surfaces that the appliance comes in contact with. Also, the appliance in itself will be examined to make sure it is not worn or broken. Checking these parts is important to ensure that there is no inflammation as well as to rule out the presence of Candida in the mouth.

So how can older adults take better care of their oral health? The steps are the same ones that apply to everyone: brushing your teeth two times a day, flossing daily, frequent checkups with the dentist, as well as cleanings to avoid plaque buildup.

By: Prisma Dental

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Elder Oral Care
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