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Enhance Your Smile With Veneers

What is a veneer?

It is an addition to your tooth wherein concerns such as the color, shape and aesthetics of your tooth can be enhanced.

This addition however is different to that of a crown since it is only added to the face of your tooth. Veneers are the perfect solution for teeth that no matter what type of whitening products you use or how many professional whitening sessions you have had, they still look yellowish.

The whole process starts with having an impression of your mouth taken, then the veneers for your specific tooth or teeth will be constructed to fit. The veneers are then constructed and shipped to your dentist´s office.

During the procedure in itself you will be given local anesthesia, some of the surface of your tooth will be removed and then the veneer will be added to the surface of the tooth.

Usually when you are having veneers in all your teeth, you can choose the color you would like to sport on your new smile, otherwise, the veneer´s color will be chosen to match your other teeth.

Although most people resource to veneers for cosmetic reasons, their main role is to offer protection to your tooth and prevent it from further damage. Since the veneer is an addition to your teeth they also offer an additional strength.

Usually veneers are made of either resin-based composite or porcelain, and you can choose the option which fits your needs and budget the best.

Once these veneers are in place, you can treat them just like if they were your own teeth, with proper oral health habits your new smile can last for up to 15 years.

Having veneer can be for you…

  • If you have discolored teeth.
  • If you have gaps in your teeth.
  • If your teeth are worn down.
  • If you have irregular teeth size or shape.
  • If your teeth are uneven or misaligned.
  • If your teeth are chipped or broken.

By: Prisma Dental

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Enhance Your Smile With Veneers
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